Building your wealth or simply increasing your assets, buying a home, paying for essentials required in our modern society and to secure a steady income when you decide to stop working, in other words planning your finances and building your estate, is really not very complicated.

To grow and protect our client’s income, asset and estate, we analyze the current situation and then we compare it against their financial goals, against their financial promises. Only when we know what your goals are, where you start from today and see your willingness to follow-through, can we map out a path to get you where you want to be. Typically these are the 4 essentials we focus on after we establish your financial goals:

While you work and when you slow down or retire

Some debt is good, other debt is bad

Protect what you accumulated and ensure you have enough to live comfortably, no matter how old you get

Will and Mandate

Are your legal papers up-to-date and do they reflect what you want to happen?

Aubert Financière

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Christian Aubert, President

I was born and educated in Zurich, Switzerland. After immigrating to Canada I worked initially in several jobs and industries, including sales, food and mining. In fact I spent one year in Northern British Columbia in an open pit asbestos mining company, operating heavy equipment and performing other related work.

I joined Air Canada as a Purser and expanded my commercial education at McGill University and CIREM-HEC while working “on the line”.  I held various management positions and spent the last 15 years in Senior Management as a Director in In-flight Service, Director in Information Technology, Director in Marketing and Director in Human Resources.  I retired from the aviation industry after 32 years of service.

In 2010 I joined the Pension Planning Centre as Director, business development.  I am a licensed Financial Security Advisor since 2011 (192643) and now President of 6963005 Canada Inc. – Aubert Financère.  I remain an authorized distributor of the Pension Planning Centre where my place of business resides.

If you agree with any of this, then we should talk!

Insurance Protection

I want to find out more about how I can increase my financial protection and that of my family! (Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance protection)

Retirement Income

I want to find out what I can do to improve my retirement income and ensure I won’t run out of money, no matter how old I get!

Protect my Legacy

I want to protect my legacy for my family and reduce the taxes

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